Gifted & Talented Students – Maths

Year 9 and Year 10

Extension Programme

A series of lessons on topics not usually part of the NZ Maths curriculum where students can log in and study on their own. The students can access and work on the materials on Google Drive once they have completed their regular classwork. 

Year 10

Acceleration into Year 11

Students can purchase the NCEA workbook Level 1.2 (which correlates with the first topic taught in Year 10) and 1.3. They can sit the exam in September along with the Year 11s and begin the acceleration process.

Year 11

Acceleration of Years 11-12

Students who wish to can complete all of Level 1 and 2 external material in one year. If successfully completed they can then take Year 13 Maths in Year 12.

Year 12

Take Year 13 Calculous after successful completion of acceleration in Year 11.

Year 13

Enroll in the University of Canterbury Math 199(D) Distance Studies programme, which gives university credit upon successful completion. 

Link here:

Participate in the Calculus Scholarship class held Tuesday mornings at 8 AM: the class prepares them to take the Scholarship exam for maths as well as one extra external for Year 13.

All levels – Maths competitions 

Over the years we have entered a number of competitions. Recently some of these haven’t run due to Covid presumably. They include: 

– Australian Mathematics Competition (all years)

– Victoria University Maths Challenge (year 10 – 13, usually the holidays between Term 1 and 2)

– CASIO senior mathematics competition (year 12 -13)

– Otago Junior Mathematics competition (year 9-11)

– MathsWell (year 9-11, usually Term 3)

Our Maths teachers will post information about competitions to their Google Classrooms as they receive it. 

Contact Jon Nash at for further information.