Academic Clubs and Societies

HVHS has the following Academic clubs and societies available, and these groups will have a display with more information at the Sports, Clubs and Performing Arts Expo at the start of each year.

Chess Club

Staff contact – TBC

This club is to support students to enter chess competitions, and can meet regularly if there is a desire on the part of students


Staff contact – Philippa Plewinski, Ioanna Koroniadis 

All students are welcome to join at any year level. Each team will be supported by a teacher or by a senior student. Students will debate against other schools, and our top students compete in the regional championship. We also run a junior school impromptu pairs competition.

EPro8 Challenge

Staff contact – Richard Maxwell

The EPro8 Challenge is an engineering and problem-solving race. Every year over 10,000 students from 900 schools from throughout New Zealand take part.

Teams compete to: build large sized structures, solve practical problems, engineer using pulleys, motors, gears, wheels and axles, invent machines that can complete simple tasks, undertake unusual and fun experiments, construct basic electronic circuits and solve interesting problems using practical maths.

‍Homework club

Staff contact – Sarah Roper

Together with KiwiClass, an organisation proving multicultural support services in the Wellington region, we run a weekly homework club. This runs after school in our library. Students have access to bi-lingual tutors and subject specific help in a range of subjects such as maths, history, science and technology.


Maths Help Club 

Staff Contact – Jill Skinner 

Stuck on your homework? Don’t get what’s going on in class? Want to ace the next test? Come to the Maths Help Room. A selection of Maths teachers will be able to help with any work you bring along, or help you find something relevant to practice. We provide help to all year levels and ability levels. No sign up necessary, just turn up!


Staff contact – Paul Christeller and Jill Skinner

The Philosophy Club is a place to discuss (and sometimes argue) about many of the big questions about the world and our place in it. We cover topics such as:

  • What are good and evil?
  • Should the death penalty be allowed?
  • Does God exist? Should robots have rights?

Students of all year levels are welcome, and no prior knowledge of the topics is required. All you need to do is be able to listen, have an opinion, and try to defend your point of view.

The Philosophy Club meets once a week at lunchtime.

Science Technicians

Staff contact – Emma Heath

Junior Science Technicians help in the laboratories during a lunchtime. They play a role in keeping the laboratories safe and functional by helping with cleaning, stock-taking and checking safety equipment.

This is a great way of learning about science equipment and how the laboratories run.