Donations and Payments

2024 School Donations

Much of the specialist resourcing and equipment, additional staffing, and improvements to amenities we want for our students are not covered by the funding we receive from the government.  

We rely heavily on your generosity and value donations to ensure we can offer the very best level of education possible.

In 2024, we are requesting the following donations from HVHS families:

  • School Donation – $275 per student
  • Technology Donation – $100 per family
  • Development Fund Donation – $150 per family

The 2024 donations for one student attending HVHS total $525.

Payment Information

You can pay through the Kamar Parent Portal or via a direct credit payment to the HVHS bank account. Payments can also be made through the Resource Centre using cash, Eftpos or credit card. You can choose to pay by scheduling regular weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments or by making your payment in one lump sum. All payments of any amount are gratefully received.

The school bank account is:
Hutt Valley High School

When paying online please reference your student’s ID number and ‘donation’. For any enquiries regarding your account, contact the Resource Centre at

School Donations are Tax Deductible

In April of each year, you’ll receive a statement of amounts paid to Hutt Valley High School for the tax year ending 31 March. You may be able to claim back 33.33% of the money donated.

For more information on tax credits for donations, visit Inland Revenue’s website

Statement of Payments and Receipts

A statement can be posted or emailed to you on request. This will show all transactions that have gone through your student’s financial records, even those paid by another payment method. The first statement is released once all courses are confirmed and no more course changes are to be made (usually week 5 of term 1). Once your student is attending HVHS you can also view the status of your student’s financial record by signing into the Kamar Parent Portal using your caregiver password.

Sports Fees

All sports registrations are via the online form. Parents and students should complete the form together. Students will not be eligible to play for their selected sports if this is not done and the registration fee is not paid. All sports fees are paid to the Resource Centre.

Breakdown of the 2024 Donations

Please see the information below for additional information on the 2023 donations requested and the activities they will fund.  We greatly appreciate payment of the annual donations.

School Donation – $275 Per Student

The School Board has set the school donation for this year at $275 for the first child, $175 for the second student in the family and $100 for the third and subsequent students.

The school donation helps provide some of the things that our parents, whānau and students deserve but government funding doesn’t cover. Your school donation helps pay for:

  • the school’s First Aid Officer who helps support our student’s health and wellbeing.
  • additional staff to help students access counselling support.
  • additional equipment and supplies for our classrooms and the library.
  • resources to help support educational, sporting and cultural opportunities e.g. kapa haka, Coordinator in the Sports Department and Pasifika group.
  • additional Learning Support Assistants (Teacher Aides) for in-class support.

Technology Donation – $100 Per Family

Access to technology that prepares students for work and life beyond school is essential for learning. To meet the curriculum’s demands and prepare our students for their futures our ICT infrastructure (services and equipment) must meet high specifications.

Every year we supplement the shortfall between what we receive from the government and the actual costs for ICT infrastructure and technical support. Your technology donation helps pay for:

  • dedicated technical staff available to support students and staff enabling digital issues to be resolved quickly.
  • high-specification laptops and software packages to support learning at all year levels.
  • 100 Chromebooks for loaning to students whose devices are undergoing repairs and to increase technology for all students.

Development Fund Donation – $150 Per Family

This fund supports projects beyond the scope of the Ministry of Education’s funding. By donating, families can help support the funding of amenities currently being used by their students to help make the school a more engaging place. Your donation to the development fund helps pay for:

  • vans to transport students on educational, cultural and sporting trips.
  • enhancements to outdoor areas e.g. landscaping, shade sails, drinking fountains and outdoor seating.
  • improvements to sports facilities e.g. football, rugby and cricket fields, and the netball and basketball courts.
  • enhancements to outdoor areas e.g. shade sails, drinking fountains and outdoor seating.
  • security cameras and alarm systems.
  • redevelopment of the Lower Gym and specialist fitness equipment.

Donations to the Development Fund will also support new building projects and refurbishment to enable us to fit out and furnish at a standard that enhances our learning environments.

Total Donations

Donations for one student attending total $525.