Arts Clubs and Societies

HVHS has the following Art clubs and societies available, and these groups will have a display with more information at the Sports, Clubs and Performing Arts Expo at the start of each year.

Art Club   

Staff contacts – Emma Pritchard, Alice Alva

Art Club is an opportunity to do some ‘free drawing’, and other creative making. The teachers will provide opportunities if the student would like or students are welcome to choose their own subject matter. Materials are provided or students can bring in their own sketchbook, tablets or other materials.

Rock n Roll Dance

Staff contact – Matua Paul Morris

Rock n Roll Club is a dance club. We learn the social dance steps to rock n roll music and our focus is to create a performance routine to utilise the learning and skills. 

Theatre Sports

Staff contact – Anna Flaherty

A student-led vibrant collection of games and competitions held one lunchtime each week in the drama block. This is a goofy and informal way to connect with other students and practice your quick wit. Great for both observing and participating, an easy way to build confidence with no pressure.