International Student Code of Practice

Code of Practice

Hutt Valley High School is a signatory to The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 developed by the Ministry of Education. Copies of the Code are available in different languages from the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA) website:

NZQA is the Code Administrator and monitors the quality of international student care and support under the international Code across all levels of the education sector, from schools to universities.

Immigration Requirements

Full details of visa and permit requirements, and advice on rights to employment in New Zealand while studying, are available through the New Zealand Immigration Service and can be viewed on their website at:

Medical & Travel Insurance

The Code of Practice and New Zealand Immigration Service requires all International students studying in New Zealand to have full travel and medical insurance while in New Zealand.

The insurance policy must be compliant with the New Zealand Qualifications Authority and the Code of Practice requirements. We can purchase insurance for you and we use Insurance Safe NZ –

If you receive medical treatment during your visit, you will need to pay for this service.  Please bring receipts and doctor’s notes to the International Office at HVHS, and we can help with your insurance claim.  We can help with booking a doctor’s appointment, and a local health service called Vibe also offers free confidential health and support services for young people aged 10-24 living in the Hutt Valley.  Please come and see the International Office if you would like support with enrolling at Vibe.

Dispute Resolution Scheme

Dispute Resolution Scheme (DRS) rules apply to contractual or financial disputes between an international learner and an education provider.   iStudent Complaints is an independent dispute resolution scheme established by the New Zealand Government to settle contractual and financial disputes between international learners and education providers in New Zealand.  If a learner has a contractual or financial dispute, they can contact iStudent Complaints for more information and to make a complaint.

Education Review Office

New Zealand’s Education Review Office works with all schools to help Principals, teachers, staff and students flourish. The Education Review Office reports on what’s working well and what can be improved at all schools in New Zealand.

The Education Review Office’s 2023 Review Report on Hutt Valley High School highlighted the following strengths:

  • ‘a structured and progressive Professional Learning Plan that is informed by culturally responsive teaching and learning practices
  • positive relationships leading to calm and purposeful learning in classrooms
  • a culture of continuous student-centered and staff review and evaluation that informs outcomes and next steps
  • identification, planning and flexible learning models responsive to the needs of learners, including those who benefit from additional support’.

The Education Review Office has a three-year review cycle and will next review Hutt Valley High School in 2026.

Policies and Procedures

To read Hutt Valley High School’s policies and procedures that support our international students, please visit the SchoolDocs website:  

When you visit the website, first search for our school by entering – Hutt Valley High School. To sign into SchoolDocs please use the username and password listed below:

Username – hvhs

Password – Adalta