Scholarship Examinations

High performing students are encouraged to enter the New Zealand Scholarship and are given extra assistance in preparation for these assessments.


NZ Scholarship assessments are designed to be challenging for the most able students in each subject. Assessment is by either a written or spoken examination or by submitting a portfolio or report of work produced throughout the year.

To be awarded the NZ Scholarship, students are expected to show deep understanding of the subject, demonstrate high-level critical thinking and the ability to apply their understanding to complex situations.

Monetary Awards

Students who receive NZ Scholarship receive funding towards their university/tertiary institute’s fees. The funding for NZ Scholarship awards is for gaining a scholarship in a subject.  Greater awards are also available if the results are outstanding, and a student is successful across several subjects.  A NZ Scholarship can be achieved by a student in Year 12 and the money can be held over until the student attends a Tertiary Institution in the coming years.

For more information, please contact Gifted & Talented Coordinator, Rebecca Feerick at or talk to your teacher in the subject/s you’re considering entering.

Additional Information

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