Sports Registrations – Cricket

Terms 1 and 4


  • HVHS Sports Office Contact – Finn Gaupset
  • General Convenor – Chris Riley
  • Junior Convenor – Tony McQueen
  • Girls Convenor – Stu Turner


  • Boys $120 / Boys 1st XI Team $400
  • Girls $75
  • Additional costs per event or tournament costs are charged e.g. entry fees, transport and accommodation (if applicable)
  • Fundraising is advised and can be organised through a parent group. Please contact the Sports Office for more information.
  • Payments for summer sports are due by Friday 16 February 2024


  • All teams will require a manager. Typically, a manager will be able to help with organising the team on match day and assist with a scoring team.
  • Managers are required to help lock up the gym after training if their team is the last to train.
  • Managers are required to be police-vetted. Forms can be completed at the front office.


  • Girls Cricket
    • HVHS 1st XI and 8 a side girls’ teams.
    • Thursday afternoon from 4pm.
  • Boys Cricket
    • HVHS has 1st XI, 2nd XI, Year 10, Year 9A and Senior T20 teams.
    • Saturday morning or afternoon grades.
    • Students play a mix of 50 overs, 40 overs, T20 games depending on their divisions.
  • All Teams
    • The school van may be available to transport students to away venues, as long as they have a police-vetted driver – manager must book the van for the team in advance via the Sports Office.
    • Draws will not be emailed to you regularly so please keep an eye out for the draws each week. Cancellations/ alterations are on the College Sport Wellington Alterations page usually by 8:00am on Saturday morning.
    • College Sport Wellington requirement that all year 9 HVHS cricket players attend the Level 1 Cricket Umpires Course – this is likely to be held mid-February and at HVHS Pavilion.
  • Home matches: HVHS school fields.
  • Away matches: Across the wider Wellington region.

Competition Key Dates

  • Girls Cricket
    • Girls Cricket starts – Thursday 15 February.
    • CSW Girls Premier Final – 28 March.
    • Venus Cup Girls Wellington Tournament 18 – 20 March.
    • T20 Hunt Trophy Tournament 20 – 22 March.
    • Grade Cricket Finals – Saturday 7 December.
  • Boys Cricket
    • Boys Premier 1 – 4 Cricket starts – Saturday 3 February.
    • All boys Cricket starts – Saturday 10 February.
    • Bruce Murray Cup/ Gillette Qualifying Final March 16 – 23.
    • T20 Hunt Trophy Tournament March 20 – 22.
    • 1st X1 & Year 10/11 Colts trip – Hawkes Bay, (2nd week of October school holidays).
    • Grade Cricket Finals – Saturday 7 December.
  • All players are to provide their own long white cricket trousers.
  • HVHS PE tops for Junior, Intermediate & junior T20 boys’ grades
  • HVHS PE tops for Girl’s cricket.
  • Boys senior T20 and 2nd XI wear white shirts.
  • 1st XI boys and girls’ players are expected to purchase the black playing uniform. These can be ordered through the Resource Centre.
  • The school will provide basic playing equipment, but students are encouraged to provide their own BATS/PADS/HELMETS & GLOVES
Training Times
  • Training at HVHS (unless otherwise agreed), training times to be confirmed by the team’s coach/manager.
  • Closing date for registration is Sunday 4 February 2024.

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