Sports Registrations – Orienteering

Terms 1 & 2

  • Kristi Tai
  • Costs are per event or tournament e.g. entry fees, transport and accommodation (where applicable)
  • Fundraising is advised and can be organised through by a parent group. Please contact the Sports Office for more information
  • Depending on the timing of the events, payments are due by Friday 16 February for Term 1 (summer) events and by Sunday 29 April for Term 2 (winter) events
  • What is orienteering? Orienteering is a competitive sport requiring participants to navigate themselves through a course by visiting each checkpoint, known as a control, in the correct order using a specially drawn map. It combines cross
    country running with navigation skills. The competitor who correctly completes the course in the fastest time will be the winner.
  • College Sport Wellington Orienteering Series Events – CSW Sprint Series: Sprint distance (shorter, urban) series – a good chance for new orienteers to have a go at orienteering in an urban environment on Wednesday evenings, with some trickier courses to challenge the more experienced orienteers. Start times from 6 pm – 7 pm.
  • CSW Orienteering Series – these events are traditional orienteering events held in parks around the greater Wellington region on Sundays from 11 am – 1 pm. These events provide an opportunity for students new to orienteering to
    experience non-urban events and learn how to orienteer, while providing a challenge to experienced orienteers.
  • The events have 3-4 course options depending on Year group and experience, and are located in different parks around Wellington.
  • Details of the events will be available at the start of Term 1.
Competition Key Dates
  • CSW Championship series various dates – TBC
  • North Island Championships – 25-27th April, Waitakere
  • NZ National Championships – 19 – 21 July, Wellington
  • Various venues around the Greater wellington region.
  • HVHS sport/PE shirt, black shorts and running shoes.
  • Weekly Coaching after school one week day at HVHS Terms 1 and 2.
  • The coaching will target CSW Orienteering events by offering navigational skills training and practice on small orienteering events in or near HVHS.
  • Closing date for registration is Sunday 4 February 2024.

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