Sports Registrations – Ultimate

Terms 1 & 4 (Outdoor) / Terms 2 & 3 (Indoor)

  • Daniel Mills & Mike
  • $60 per term
  • Additional costs per event or tournament are charged (if a student is selected) e.g. entry fees, transport and accommodation.
  • Fundraising is advised and can be organised through a parent group. Please contact the Sports Office for more information.
  • Payments for summer sports (terms 1 & 4) are due by Friday 16 February 2024 and for winter sports (terms 2 & 3) they are due by Sunday 29 April 2024.
  • Ultimate Frisbee is an active, fun and well spirited game that is becoming more and more popular. Ultimate is played in a way that is similar to American football with the rules of netball. It is a fast-moving non-contact mixed-gender team sport played with a flying disc.
  • You can choose to play at any time throughout the year – whether you prefer playing outside on a larger field during terms 1 & 4 or inside on a smaller court during terms 2 & 3.
  • Premier 1 Team competition – Monday evenings at St Oran’s College Lower Hutt
  • In Term 1, Ultimate is played on Mondays after school
  • In Terms 2 and 3, Ultimate is played on Wednesdays after school
  • Currently, no inter-school tournament exists, however, there is an option to join social adult league
  • Parents and caregivers are required to join the team’s message group to assist with transporting the team to games.
Competition Key Dates
  • NZ Tournament – Taupō, 19 – 20 March 2024
  • Games in terms 1 & 4 are played outdoor at Macalister Park in Berhampore, Wellington
  • Games in terms 2 & 3 are played indoor at Ākau Tangi Sports Centre (ASB Centre) in Kilbirnie, Wellington
  • HVHS PE uniform which is available to purchase at the Resource Centre
  • Team playing top is to be purchased if you make the Nationals team
  • Students are required to purchase cleats for outdoors (plastic cleated football boots) and court shoes for indoors
  • Game frisbees are supplied by the HVHS Sports Office
  • To be confirmed, typically in February/March
  • Closing date for registration is Sunday 4 February 2024.

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