Sports Registrations – Squash

Two Competition Events Only

  • Kristi Tia
  • $30 College Sport Wellington entry fee
  • Payments for winter sports are due by Sunday 29 April 2024 (day before Term 2 commences)
  • Entry to one-off tournament requires parental involvement and assistance
  • e.g. transport to/from the event and support at the event
  • College Sport Wellington Squash Tournament with competitive and rookie grades.
  • New Zealand Secondary School National Squash Championships
  • For interested students, a local squash club you can join is Hutt City Squash or Mitchell Park Squash Club
Competition Key Dates
  • NZSS Team Championships, Hutt Valley, 2 – 4 August
  • CSW Open Championships, Fraser Park – 21 August
  • CSW tournament venue is the Ricoh Centre at Fraser Park. Nationals for squash are based in Tauranga.
  • Students to supply own racquet and appropriate court footwear
  • Closing date for registration is Sunday 4 February 2024 with payments as per the event/tournament timeframes.

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